Dr. Hemp - Full Spectrum 300mg Skin Balm

Dr. Hemp - Full Spectrum 300mg Skin Balm

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What is CBD?

Shortened from Cannabidiol, CBD is one of around 100 cannabinoids (compounds) found in industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.).

More about CBD Balm…

Dr. Hemp CBD balm starts with selected European certified seeds. These are carefully chosen with the proper CBD percentage and cannabinoid ratio and are then grown in fertile soil in Slovenia and Croatia, without the use of fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and heavy metals. Crops are harvested by hand and dried naturally below 35°c.

Highest quality CBD Balm…

A supercritical gentle CO2 method then extracts the CBD from the hemp. It is pushed through with high pressure at extremely low temperatures, without the use of heat or any harmful solvents.

This is the safest, purest and most effective method, preserving all flavonoids and terpenes and producing the highest quality CBD.

Dr. Hemp CBD Balm is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines and Good Agricultural Practice. 

  • 300mg of CBDa/CBD per bottle (30ml).
  • Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea and Cocoa Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Madagascar Vanilla and Rosemary Essence.
  • All organically grown.
  • Multi-use CBD Balm.
  • Apply CBD to your skin daily.
  • All natural, no nasties.
  • Contains Beeswax, not suitable for Vegans.